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14.587 - GW7: yield and grain quality

Patent Reference:
Publication No. WO/2016/124920.

Xiangdong Fu and colleagues
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)

Xiangdong Fu and his team at The State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and Chromosome Engineering, have been studying the genetics of grain development and quality in rice.  Grain shape is a major determinant of grain quality in rice, with long, slender grains preferred.  However, many widely grown rice hybrids, although high yielding, have short, wide grains of mediocre quality.  In other cereals, such as maize, grain length – kernel depth – is highly associated with crop yield, and therefore modification of grain shape represents a major target for enhancing both yield and quality.

GW7 causes long, slender grains in rice and enhances other quality parameters; not exploited in indica rice breeding.


Shaokui Wang et al (2015).  The OsSPL16-GW7 regulatory module determines grain shape and simultaneously improves rice yield and grain quality.  Nature Genetics; 47: 949-954.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

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