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PBL - Innovation in Life Sciences

Early Stage Technology Investment, IP Management and Licensing

PBL develops innovative technologies from public and private sources worldwide - turning ideas into patented, scientifically validated and licensable technologies.  PBL invests in building intellectual property protection, and develops technologies through proof-of-concept and prototype stage and licenses onwards to a wide variety of industry sectors.  Our interests cover AgBiotech, Food / Nutrition, Microbiology, Biotechnology and related Life Science industries.  We market our technologies internationally and have regular contact with a very wide range of industrial customers, licensees and development partners.

PBL was formed in 1994, and is now jointly and equally owned by the John Innes Centre, the Sainsbury Laboratory, and the BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council).

Technology Investment Services for Public Sector Researchers

We offer various options for our services but most commonly work on a fully contingent, non-fee basis, instead taking a portion of future commercial revenues, shared with the original source of the technology.  We commonly cover patent costs and can inject funds directly to carry out critical proof-of-concept or technology development work.

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IP Management and Patent Advisory Service for Bioscience Companies and Investors

PBL offers bioscience companies and investors a patent consultation and management service including: IP identification and assessment; IP strategy definition; IP portfolio management; IP due diligence.

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Latest News

PBL partners with Calyxt to develop disease resistant wheat
July 2015
High glucoraphanin broccoli reduces cholesterol: new research studies published on Beneforté broccoli
April 2015
PBL’s patent on glucoraphanin-rich broccoli : Valid
March 2015
PBL's partner Medicago announces new contract to explore production of Ebola antibodies
February 2015
PBL supports UK’s agritech innovators in new business competition
November 2014
rGRF3: Increased Growth and Drought Tolerance in Plants - new publication in The Plant Journal
September 2014
Mildew resistant wheat achieved by genome editing of Mlo homoeoalleles
August 2014
Minister opens landmark new Centrum building at Norwich Research Park
July 2014

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